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Thread: error 10327

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    Question error 10327

    In this code at the time of compilation a 10327 error shows up. The code is:

    - convertidor BCD a7 segmentos
    library ieee;

    -- definicion de laentidad

    entity convertidor7is
    port (A: instd_logic;
    B: in std_logic;
    C: in std_logic;
    D: in std_logic;
    adisplay,bdisplay,cdisplay,ddisplay,edisplay,fdisp lay,gdisplayut std_logic);
    end convertidor7;

    -- definicion de lasseņales de entrada / salida

    architecture boleanof convertidor7 is
    signalAn,Bn,Cn,Dn,anda1_out,anda2_out,anda3_out,an da4_out,andb1_out,andb2_out,andb3_out,andb4_out,
    andc1_out,andc2_out,andc3_out,andc4_out,andd1_out, andd2_out,andd3_out,andd4_out,andd5_out,
    ande1_out,ande2_out,andf1_out,andf2_out,andf3_out, andf4_out,andg1_out,andg2_out,andg3_out,andg4_out: std_logic;

    -- fin de definicionde las seņales
    -- inicio deprograma principal


    An <= not A;
    Bn <= not B;
    Cn <= not C;
    Dn <= not D;

    -- a

    anda1_out <= Cand An;
    anda2_out <= Anand B and D;
    anda3_out <= Bnand Cn and Dn;
    anda4_out <= Aand Bn and Cn;

    adisplay <=anda1_out or anda2_out or anda3_out or anda4_out;

    -- b

    andb1_out <= Anand Bn;
    andb2_out <= Anand Cn and Dn;
    andb3_out <= Anand C and D;
    andb4_out <= Aand Bn and Cn;

    bdisplay<=andb1_out or andb2_out or andb3_out or andb4_out;

    -- c

    andc1_out <= Anand B;
    andc2_out <= Anand D;
    andc3_out <= Bnand Cn and Dn;
    andc4_out <= Aand Bn and Cn;

    cdisplay <=andc1_out or andc2_out or andc3_out or andc4_out,

    -- d

    andd1_out<= An and C and Dn; --- here is the error
    andd2_out <= Anand Bn and C;
    andd3_out <= Bnand Cn and Dn;
    andd4_out <= Aand Bn and Cn;
    andd5_out <= Anand B and Cn and D;

    ddisplay <=andd1_out or andd2_out or andd3_out or andd4_out or andd5_out;

    -- e

    ande1_out <= Anand C and Dn;
    ande2_out <= Bnand Cn and Dn;

    edisplay <=ande1_out or ande2_out;

    -- f

    andf1_out <= Anand B and Cn;
    andf2_out <= Anand Cn and Dn;
    andf3_out <= Anand B and Dn;
    andf4_out <= Aand Bn and Cn;

    fdisplay <=andf1_out or andf2_out or andf3_out or andf4_out;

    -- g

    andg1_out <= Anand C and Dn;
    andg2_out <= Anand Bn and C;
    andg3_out <= Anand B and Cn;
    andg4_out <= Aand Bn and Cn;

    gdisplay <=andg1_out or andg2_out or andg3_out or andg4_out;

    end bolean;

    the error states:

    Error(10327): VHDL error at BCD7SEG.vhd(61): can't determine definition ofoperator ""<="" -- found 0 possibledefinitions

    Could anybody help me? A do not see why


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    Default Re: error 10327

    You have a comma at the end of the previous line instead of a semicolon.

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