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  2. Adding custom drivers for Linux-Altera 3.7
  3. RT preempt patch for Linux 3.7
  4. yocto and bitbake
  5. how to write a costum gpio interrupt driver
  6. EBV SoCrates Board - Linux 3.10 Kernel stops in the middle of nowhere
  7. Can the HPS interface to SATA, PATA, CompactFlash devices
  8. Altera Linux - How to configure CAN bus?
  9. Installation of Quartus v13.1 message - "You must install 32 bit "libstdc++" library
  10. Quartus 13.0 - Linux version - virtualized by Parallels
  11. How to organize data stream through AMBA bus between FPGA and HPS (with Linux)?
  12. Need source or wrapper to rebuild sdl_hub.ko
  13. uClinux nios2 mmu
  14. Trouble booting linux on SocKit development board
  15. Socrates board : USB issue
  16. What is a frame length for EPCS4?
  17. Compile of GSL
  18. Yocto and Build Linux
  19. Compiling Linux Driver using YOCTO
  20. Apache and PHP on C5 SoC Linux
  21. How do I reprogram the Linux boot partitions in the micro SD Flash card from JTAG?
  22. /opt/altera-linux, Local Linux Sources and Yocto
  23. Is FTP on the Cyclone V SoC Dev kit
  24. Trouble Linux uvcvideo video streaming
  25. Adding to the root filesystem of the GSRD
  26. Linux 3.9.0 Ftrace function_graph not working
  27. Correct use of ALTERA DMA Core with linux
  28. Correct use of Altera DMA core with linux
  29. Fatal error SignalTaps, In-System memory on linux
  30. what is the compile environment of cyclone v?
  31. Arrow SoCKit Evaluation Board: updating Linux Kernel Image from 3.7.0 to 3.14 on Micr
  32. Problem with installing Yocto plugin
  33. Brand new Bittware S5-PCIe-HQ not working with Quartus 13.1 CentOS 6.5
  34. Why OS on board ?
  35. Java on arrow_sockit
  36. Problem with yocto build
  37. Power Monitor in ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS using Stratix V GX
  38. DE1-SoC board: which defconfig, .dtb file, and sources shall I use best?
  39. "Exec format error" in HelloWorld-Linux example
  40. Loading executable files to SD card
  41. Linux access to non-Linux memory
  42. LXDE apt-get fails 404 Error
  43. ACP port under Linux
  44. No /dev/fpga0 device?
  45. Arrow SoCKit Linaro Desktop with ACDS 14.0 and Linux 3.13
  46. Exposing CV SOCkit dev as usb mass storage gadget, accessible from windows 7 machine
  47. USB Camera Not Detected
  48. Nios2 gdb and Linux
  49. Problem with get linux kernel source
  50. How to use GPIO pins when on Linux? (DE1-SoC)
  51. C development workflow using Linux - DS-5 with free license and custom FPGA firmware
  52. Yocto meta-altera based build
  53. How can Linux read data using the f2sdram bus?
  54. NIC address geted by lmgrd is 00000000.
  55. SPI Drivers for Cyclone V SoC Devkit
  56. DE1-SoC No /dev/fpga0 device on LXDE or Ubuntu
  57. Register interrupt return -22 error
  58. USB setup for Linux on Arrow Sockit
  59. SPI from HPS through FPGA not working
  60. Cannot build root filesystem using Buildroot on Ubuntu 14.10
  61. How to create uImage for SoCrates (EBV) board?
  62. Modelsim not working on my ubuntu 14.1
  63. Booting Linux from RAM in DE2-115 with NiosII
  64. Igh EtherCAT master porting for Linux OS on CyconeV SoC
  65. Want full SD card image AND matching kernel sources from Rocketboards
  66. my USB-Blaster has never been recognized by nios2-flash-programmer-gui tool.
  67. Cyclone V Dev Board - Problem using sopc2dts
  68. Problem Hooking a USB to Serial Adapter to Cyclone V on the go USB
  69. GSRD version clarificaiton 13.1 14.1
  70. memory collision between NiosII and HPS Linux
  71. GSRD 14.1 Modifying the kernel
  72. Communication between HPS UART and external device Cyclone V
  73. USB on the go not working in GSRD 14.1
  74. Custom Device Driver ioremap fails
  75. sopc2dts component crypto_engine_0 of class crypto_engine is unknown
  76. Getting U-Boot to set the MAC Address
  77. GLIBC incompatibility
  78. platform_get_resource fails
  79. Kernel Module build
  80. Creating Special Linux Desktop Image
  81. Cyclone V Dev Board Ethernet Driver Problem
  82. yocto linux and dtb with tse
  83. Problem to use the USB OTG as gadget (peripheral) in linux.
  84. Problem to use the USB OTG as gadget (peripheral) in linux.
  85. Problem to use the USB OTG as gadget (peripheral) in linux.
  86. Problem to use the USB OTG as gadget (peripheral) in linux
  87. Problem to use the USB OTG as gadget (peripheral) in linux.
  88. Problem using UART port with serial device
  89. GUNZIP: uncompress, out-of-mem or overwrite error
  90. Problem usng UART with serial device
  91. qspi flash DMA doesn't work
  92. Compile a makefile using arm-linux-gnueabihf compiler
  93. What happened with the cadence qspi driver in linux kernel 4 ?
  94. Bitbake Output Packages
  95. TSE Ethernet RGMII for NiosII running Linux
  96. soc_system_board_info.xml/hps_common_board_info.xml common accross most devboards ?
  97. How to get boot logs?
  98. start linux failed(fdt_initrd)
  99. ARM PMU cycle counter not always incrementing at CPU frequency
  100. _hw.tcl advice entries on Custom IPs
  101. HPS-FPGA Bridge enableing
  102. Real-time Clock on Evaluation Board
  103. HPS Flash size truncated - SoCKit Board (Terasic)
  104. QT libraries on DE1-SoC LXDE linux
  105. License of software built by SoC EDS
  106. DE1-SOC LXDE no VGA output
  107. Cyclone V U-boot/Linux USB device probe
  108. Arrow SoCkit USB data write speed problem
  109. mSGDMA, Qsys, and Linux Integration
  110. GPIO interrupt driver for multiple GPIO's
  111. Angstrom on DE1-SoC
  112. Ethernet gadget for Altera SoCKit
  113. Non-blocking Bridge Access Drivers
  114. Ethernet gadget disconnect on Altera SoCKit
  115. how to build poky yocto for cyclone v?
  116. Poky yocto BSL layer for Arria10
  117. Load Kernel module in DE1-SoC Linux Ubuntu
  118. Linux boot hangs just before login prompt
  119. How to make faster Linux to FPGA's On-Chip RAM access
  120. Oldest Kernel for Cyclone V
  121. Linux on one core and ...
  122. UART with DMA
  123. UART1 (/dev/ttyS1) on DE0-nano-SoC does not work
  125. Cannot enumerate/read USB mass storage if Linux booted from USB
  126. Hardware interrupts from FPGA to HPS
  127. How to reduce CPU load while sending to Ethernet
  128. Installation of Yocto Image on the onboard storage m-sata [DE2i-150]
  129. Remote System Debug over Ethernet Cyclone V / Arria V
  130. Is Yocto BSP for DE1-SoC available? Or can I get the GSRD to work on the DE1-SoC?
  131. sgDMA interrupt from FPGA to Linux User Space
  132. Reset the fpga from Linux using /dev/mem/
  133. AXI Transaction Timing in HPS busses
  134. GPIO on LTC for de0_nano_soc and sockit
  135. Arria 10 GSRD board - unable to write reg or mem via Linux
  136. ACP issue with Arria 10 device in linux.
  137. pl330 Buffer Overrun in U-Boot with ECC
  138. Add arrow's opencl data in rootfs
  139. arria 10, linux SDK, dts issue
  140. Adjust I2C setup/hold timing in driver?
  141. Cyclone V SoC, DE1-SoC Board. Ethernet and USB don't work with custom kernel
  142. Stuck at "Starting Kernel..."
  143. DE1-SoC LXDE Audio
  144. Kernel memory inspection from FPGA fabric
  145. SoC SW WS1: Intro To Altera SoC Devices - Lab 4 - Linux FFT Application
  146. Unable to access fpga regs from arm
  147. de0-nano-soc / 2.8" TFT Arduino/ X or Console ...
  148. how to access fpga fabric from linux
  149. User space application access to Hardware. HPS FPGA bridge
  150. Network unreachable with Ubuntu in DE1-SoC even when the Ethernet cable is connected
  151. Automatic login and to decrease booting time in soc
  152. DE1 SoC I2C-1 shows i2c_designware ffc05000.i2c: controller timed out
  153. SoC simulation
  154. Cyclone V SOC WS-3 linux device driver
  155. What is encompassed for "SoC Linux"?
  156. Qsys Altera PIO and GPIO driver
  157. Atlas-SoC/DE0-Nano-SoC, RT_PREEMPT and Python Support
  158. Where is the kernel header files for driver module?
  159. Arria 10 SPI Master bits per word support
  160. Cyclone V SPI master releases chip select when TX FIFO runs empty. HOW TO PREVENT???
  161. Query FPGA device ID from Linux
  162. KSZ9031RNX is note detecting in u-boot environment
  163. Cyclone V Linux - Ethernet (TCP/IP) - Question
  164. Gpio driver example code for cyclone 5 not able to compile ...kernel headers missing
  165. Cyclone 5, how to read data from Generic Tristate Controller
  166. altera cyclone V ways to measure execution time in interrupt handler?
  167. where can I find documentation on Altera Soc linux
  168. Unable to program Arria 10 FPGA from Linux
  169. coherent pool kernel parameter
  170. Nios II uCLinux repository
  171. Problems enabling hps2fpga & lwhps2fpga bridges
  172. Arria 10 SOC Virtual Platform Uart Modelling
  173. Slow memcpy speed
  174. Yocto build with custom device tree from Quartus
  175. Add python-numpy to Yocto build
  176. How to use On-Chip Memory in GHRD on Atlas-SoC board
  177. linux mailbox-altera driver
  178. Custom Linux is 1000x slower
  179. How to send file from host to linux in cyclone 5
  180. GPIO device is not exist! SPI 32 clock cycle?
  181. RapidIO (SRIO)
  182. DTG - device tree generator limitations
  183. PIO interrupts on Cyclone SoC
  184. Get usbnet Driver for Cyclone V Dev Kit
  185. Connecting Logitech Camera to DE0-NANO-SOC
  186. Device Tree - Registering IRQ in Linux GIC
  187. Is it possible to use H2F and LWH2F at the same time in user application under Linux?
  188. LXDE-SoC looking for SPI Driver
  189. Missing device tree overlay files from Arria 10 PR reference project
  190. Compile ATLAS_SOC_GHRD with QP 16.1.2 (203), Win 10 x64, ARM tool chain (on cygwin)
  191. passing data from Linux to preloader
  192. Arria10 U-boot make error using Ubuntu 14.04
  193. Cyclone V SOC FPGA: gcc not found with gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf installed
  194. Ubuntu 14.04: Not able to build new rootfs for yocto
  195. FPGA-SoC and Linux Yocto on Terasic DE1-SoC board
  196. Device tree bug in Sopc2dts
  197. How to send 128-bit word from Linux userspace application to FPGA over H2F interface?
  198. HPS t o FPGA access time measuring
  199. Mtu
  200. reserve SDRAM memory - u-boot "Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!"
  201. Problem quartus_cpf: command not found
  202. A10 HPS EMAC w Marvell 88E1512 - TX fine - can't RX
  203. Linux boot runs application differently to command line
  204. Latency and corruption on ARM ethernet port
  205. H2F Bridge EMIF Access
  206. Quartus Prime 17 not launching.
  207. Easy examples to use the hps-2-fpga bridge (not the lightweight one)
  208. Linux Boot from QSPI fails
  209. How to create a device tree for a custom arria 10 board?
  210. Adding a sample application to the linux image/filesystem on altera 10 SOC
  211. MMC failing on linux-altera on CycloneV/Atlas-SoC, while ltsi kernel is not
  212. Eth not working on CycloneV/Atlas-SoC. Outdated board file?
  213. Problem with socedsprosetup installation in linux
  214. Updated documentation for the Device Tree Generator
  215. Build framework for DE0-Nano-SoC / Atlas-SoC
  216. Running Custom Applications on Linux
  217. Build kernel module
  218. Linux sources for precompiled img
  219. VIP Video input V4L2 driver
  220. Mirel 9031 don`t startup
  221. Problem adding new device to Linux
  222. FPGA Bridge enabled, but signal tap shows data is zeros
  223. DE1-SoC Linux default password?
  224. spidev for DE0-Nano-Soc
  225. ECC driver in uboot version 2014.04 for Altera Aria 10 SX660 SOC
  226. De0-Nano-SoC soc_linux
  227. Writing to FrameBuffer using GSRD 17.1 of Arria10 SoC Development Kit
  228. device tree source ehternet and skew timing => performance issue ?
  229. Is the DTS entry "base-fpga-region" still valid?
  230. DE10 Standard - Very bad latency
  231. de0-nano-soc USB OTG Keyboard and other
  232. Unexpected IRQ trap at vector xxx, Arria 10 SoC, Linux
  233. Try to using the UART1 (/dev/ttyS1) on DE10-nano
  234. my first fpga hps
  235. Cyclone V SoC Devkit problems compiling Angstrom kernel
  236. shell commend windows _putty linux
  237. make_sdimage - Scrpt not working correctly
  238. Hps_fpga
  239. Altera DE10 command 'arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-gcc xfce' failed with exit status 4
  240. Problems with kernel >= 4.x
  241. HPS-to-FPGA DMA Interrupt
  242. Arria 10 LW Bridge and LCD 16207
  243. limit the linux partition in DDR3 memory of DE1-SOC board
  244. memtool linux command
  245. Cyclone V HPS CPU frequency
  246. Install a tool in linux on DE1-Soc Board FPGA
  247. Cache invalidation APIs and its usage in Altera Cyclone V SOC Linux