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  1. Readme!
  2. Board Support
  3. AOC Build Directory
  4. Does clCreateProgramWithBinary really load kernels onto FPGA with 13.0 SDK ?
  5. Will Cyclone / Arria support OpenCL in the feature?
  6. Problems with OpenCL SDK 13.0 on Windows 7
  7. What is the way to lead the OpenCL SDK compiler to reduce kernel logic utilization ?
  8. FPGA Targets
  9. mesage of error from aoc: Error: Can't change into dir:
  10. Problems with OpenCL SDK 13.0 on Windows 7
  11. Pipeline latency
  12. Error when generating hardware from .aoco file
  13. Cannot Compile Vector-Add Example
  14. Nallatech PCIe385 driver problem
  15. Cannot compile .cl files
  16. Setting up Nallatech pci385 d5 board
  17. Problem compiling Matrix Mult example
  18. Problem compiling fft example
  19. Configuring quartus options for better AOC compilation flow
  20. Terasic DE5 OpenCL support
  21. OpenCL SDK on Ubuntu
  22. How to explicitly use BRAMs
  23. Multiple same kernel call behavior
  24. Strange error message during kernel execution: "No kernel updates in a while..."
  25. Failure to Release cl_mem buffer?
  26. Altera SDK 12.0
  27. Error in project yysystem.ptf (255)
  28. How does workgroup size impact the kernel performance ?
  29. Updating the flash PCIe-385N board
  30. Qsys-script FAILED
  31. OpenCL 13.0 SP1 Output RBF Files
  32. floating-point computation capability
  33. OpenCL License Issues
  34. Multiple kernels and logic utilisation.
  35. Floating-point support in Altera OpenCL compiler
  36. OpenCL dev board
  37. Programming hardware cable not detected
  38. AOCL Report Output
  39. Altera preprocessor definitions
  40. OpenCL SDK Questions about Terasic DE5 Board?
  41. Unable to install AOCL_13.0SP1_linx64
  42. OPENCL Sample execution issue
  43. Executing Multiple kernels on Altera FPGA
  44. aocl flash error
  45. Executtion error
  46. Altera OpenCL support for Stratix III device
  47. opencl program and kernel object limits + retaining buffers
  48. OpenCL application Hangs
  49. Bus Error
  50. OpenCL + Cyclone V SoC
  51. AOC 13.1 Quartus compilation FAILED
  52. Constant Caching Query
  53. Could the global variable shared between two kernels in the same aocx file?
  54. Timing the OpenCL kernel execution
  55. Linker problem with SDK 13.1
  56. Local memory in one work group
  57. Compiler Warnings
  58. OpenCL Resource Usage
  59. Atomic operation on global memory
  60. OpenCL and Verilog integrated development
  61. Many flow control statements required
  62. O3 Optimization features
  63. Kernel Vectorization query
  64. Compilation Error: "Failed to map instruction style information."
  65. Size and persistence of __local memory
  66. NRrange size, offsets and workgroup size
  67. Any OpenCL Debugging Tools?
  68. "Invalid global offset" error
  69. ICD registration of Altera OpenCL platform
  70. #include in kernel
  71. clSetEventCallback substitute
  72. OpenCL SDK Support for Cyclone IV board
  73. Terasic SoCKit OpenCL support
  74. pointer aliasing
  75. OpenCL SDK Upgrade
  76. OpenCL Memory Banks
  77. logic utilization over 100%
  78. Heterogeneous Memory Banks in AOCL 13.1
  79. Warnings coming from libalteracl?
  80. Where to get the synthesis report of the OpenCL kernel?
  81. Inserting custom verilog into OpenCL toolflow
  82. Error (209062): Flash Loader IP not loaded on device 0
  83. C++ support for AOCL
  84. aocx files for 2d fft example
  85. OpenCL licensing
  86. How to evaluate Altera's openCL support?
  87. FPGA board's power consumption?
  88. Driver trouble on CentOS 6.5
  89. OpenCL 13.1 update 4 download
  90. Barrier State Buffer Implementation
  91. Running Altera OpenCL tools from a NFS server?
  92. Combine Altera OpenCL SDK with other OpenCL platform
  93. About branch optimization
  94. Error after invoking a large number of OpenCL kernels
  95. Bandwidth limitations and the resource driven optimizer
  96. aoc crashes when compiling fft2d.cl example with -O3
  97. Release resources
  98. How to get the latency of arithmetic operations and global memory access?
  99. Kernel load-store vectorization
  100. OpenCL Linux license issues
  101. Slowdown when increasing the number of compute units
  102. double16 support on Altera
  103. Theoretical Question (Architecture)
  104. Executing an OpenCL host program on Cyclone V SoC
  105. DE5 Acceleration Board Driver Issue After Update
  106. Manual loop unrolling VS. using #pragma unroll
  107. PCIe-385N board factory flash load 13.1
  108. Any Altera FPGA boards that support OpenCL on Soc?
  109. Channels vs looped memory accesses
  110. helloworld execution error on pico m506
  111. 64bit integer support
  112. Failed to map instruction style information
  113. Long compile time (infinte loop)
  114. compilation error (kernel32.lib) on Visual Stdio 2012
  115. how can i make one arria5 board to surpport opencl?
  116. Loop induction variable decrementing instead of incrementing?
  117. Help! Hello World execution failure on PCIe 385n A7
  118. OpenCL installation for the arrow sockit board
  119. How to customize the custom platform package for the arrow sockit board
  120. OpenCL SDK 14.0
  121. RHEL 7/ CentOs 7 support (kernel 3.x support)
  122. Nallatech 385 OpenCL BSP - Update from 13.1 to 14.0
  123. Excessive logic utilization from memmove
  124. acl_hal_mmd.c assert failure
  125. Bittware S5PH-Q 14.0 flash issue
  126. kernel panic from kernel with 512 workgroup size
  127. Compilation error: RX buffer credit allocation, Error: ip-generate FAILED
  128. Missings libs for the emulation
  129. building example kernel aocx files fails for bittware s5phq
  130. AOCL 14.0 compilation flow not working
  131. Architecture generation question
  132. Problems using 14.0 version: root requirement & error
  133. Mixing OpenCL kernel with VHDL Netlists
  134. Where to get aocl_net.h
  135. errors running hello world kernel, need help with debugging info?
  136. OpenCL diagnose not working
  137. OpenCL Work Flow on Sockit: system hangs when I do "source ./init_opencl.sh"
  138. problems compiling hello world on bittware and Gidel
  139. opencl_fft1d_x64_linux_14 fft algorithm is broken
  140. Hello world example make errors
  141. OpenCL on SoCKit
  142. Missing report after change to AOCL version 14.0
  143. Ver. 14.0 aoc -march=emulator Option not working (Windows 7 with Bittware Board)
  144. Multiple Thread with Altera OpenCL
  145. Why throughput estimation deprecated in V14.0?
  146. OpenCL C++ API
  147. OpenCL Initialization Error, Ver.
  148. AOCL with the DE5-Net on Ubuntu workstation : Recompiling the PCIe driver from source
  149. How to get OpenCL kernel simulation performance by Altera OpenCL SDK or Quartus II?
  150. aoc reports Can't find a valid license for the Altera SDK for OpenCL
  151. Converting from GPU to FPGA
  152. aoc reports aocl-opt.exe not found
  153. aoc error:can't change into dir
  154. Channel from many work items to single task
  155. Clarity regarding Altera OpenCL basics
  156. processing element and work items
  157. Nallatech OpenCL BSPs - troubleshooter
  158. __constant cache size
  159. march=prototype?
  160. Hello World example produces many errors
  161. Diagnose AOC: Internal Compiler Error
  162. Logical operation on vectors
  163. Channel in global memory
  164. Elongate pipeline voluntarily
  165. Problem compiling hello world on Windows
  166. aocl report: Java runtime
  167. OpenCL SDK can't find valid license file
  168. MMD ERROR while connecting to board
  169. Problems casting from int to uchar in OpenCL kernel
  170. OpenCL kernel is freezing
  171. Emulate OpenCL Kernel on windows - 'env' is not found
  172. PCI-E DMA Failure
  173. aocl diagnostic not working
  174. About Altera OpenCL Compilation
  175. OpenCL emulation
  176. ulong data type behaves as uint using emulator
  177. "ip-generate FAILED" after upgrading AOC
  178. AOC compiler, Estimated Resource Usage report !!!!!!
  179. -O3 and --util options deprecated
  180. Kernel Launch Overhead
  181. look for suggestions for Opencl & FPGA
  182. Error with command env CL_CONTEXT_EMULATOR_DEVICE_ALTERA
  183. Adding two uint4
  184. what happened about "ip-generate FAILED" ?
  185. build issue with EDS
  186. Direct GPU-FPGA DMA
  187. Inputs and outputs of emulation
  188. Why CPU is faster then NVIDIA GeForce 740?
  189. Error in writing opencl kernel
  190. AOC Compilation Fails
  191. Error (293007): Current module quartus_map ended unexpectedly
  192. Static variable error
  193. BLAS for Altera OpenCL
  194. Measure or Estimate Power Usage
  195. clGetDeviceIDs fails when passed CL_DEVICE_TYPE_ALL
  196. specify depth of channel
  197. OpenCL Kenrel Debug With Eclipse;
  198. New to OpenCL help
  199. About Loop Pipelining
  200. About Loop Unrolling
  201. Attempt to view AOCL profile info results in java NullPointerException
  202. Need for atomic functions?
  203. AOCL Channel Usage
  204. barrier problem
  205. From opencl Kernel to IO ports or VGA
  206. About Floating Point Performance and New Accelerator Cards
  207. Communication between host and compute deivce
  208. Real Time Image processing on FPGA with openCL
  209. Is there a '-j8' option support while compiling the kernel?
  210. Cyclone V SOC kernel PLL error
  211. Emulator Issue
  212. OpenCL FPGA I/O
  213. OpenCL design samples missing
  214. Short vs Int vs Floating Point usage in Kernels
  215. optical flow example Optimizer FAILED
  216. __global memory on-chip
  217. Building PCIe core in FPGA when using OpenCL
  218. Is resource logic utilization report correct? more than 100% can still fit into FPGA?
  219. PCI driver for DE5-net board on Windows7
  220. License
  221. UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices
  222. c5soc memory allocation and use
  223. OpenCL kernel and HDL code
  224. several kernels simultaneously
  225. Questions about resource usage
  226. Pinned Memory and Host-Device Communication
  227. Error: Cannot fit kernel(s) on device
  228. Maximum value for depth attribute in channels
  229. Using emulator on ubuntu fails
  230. Launch time clEnqueueNDRangeKernel
  231. Compiling Altera-OpenCL code in Clang (using aocl-clang)
  232. How can I apply for the "gzip compression design example in opencl"
  233. gzip compression design example in opencl
  234. Problem with compiling host code in VS 2010 and emulation
  235. CPU and FPGA execution simultaneously
  236. undefined reference to `aocl_mmd_reprogram'
  237. Understanding how loop unroll works
  238. Structs vs. Arrays in OpenCL
  239. Shift operation on vector datatypes
  240. aoc -c -g kernel.cl --report error
  241. optical flow example optimizer failed
  242. External profiling
  243. Problem with Alignment
  244. Problem with barrier(CLK_GLOBAL_MEM_FENCE)
  245. clGetProfileInfoAltera question
  246. Does altera SDK for openCL support cyclone V GT FPGA?
  247. aocl diagnose error
  248. Matrix multiplication example Block memory overhead
  249. emulator issue
  250. executable file error